• Bonded Seals

    The bonded seals are formed by the rubber ring and the metal ring as a whole, and is used to seal the sealing ring which is connected with the flange, and the circular ring include a metal ring and a rubber sealing pad. Advantages of Bonded

    130 18-07-21
  • Fluoride seal is good or bad, can not rely on smell

    A good way to determine whether it is a material of fluorine gum is to identify it by lighting it. Fluoride has a good flame retardant, and does not produce obvious black smoke when ignited, and the odor is not irritating. If it is Ding Qin

  • Is prolonged exposure to rubber odour harmful to the body?

    Rubber itself is harmless, but due to the inevitable addition of various other additives during the production process, some toxic side effects, the smell of the processing process is dispersed, long-term contact can cause respiratory disea

  • What are the prospects for the sealant industry?

    Sealing can be seen in almost all walks of life, but only because you have not paid attention to it, so what is the future of the sealant industry? Data obtained at the International Rubber Conference showed that the conditions for the use

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