• Bonded Seals

    The bonded seals are formed by the rubber ring and the metal ring as a whole, and is used to seal the sealing ring which is connected with the flange, and the circular ring include a metal ring and a rubber sealing pad. Advantages of Bonded

    130 18-07-21
  • Fluororubber gaskets are very corrosive.

    Fluororubber(FFKM/FFPM) is currently a dielectric rubber that is formed by the polymerization of three or more fluorine rubber monomers. All hydrogen atoms on the monomer are replaced by fluorine atoms and their molecular structure is simil

  • How to select the seal strip?

    The quality of the material selected by the seal strip directly determines the sealing performance of the seal strip, and the selection of a good seal strip is our first step to check the quality of the seal. The material used in the initia

  • Development Trends of Rubber Seals

    With the improvement of environmental protection, automotive diversification, rubber renewable use, and material heat resistance, further cost reduction has become the main development direction of automotive rubber products. Sealed product

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