• Bonded Seals

    The bonded seals are formed by the rubber ring and the metal ring as a whole, and is used to seal the sealing ring which is connected with the flange, and the circular ring include a metal ring and a rubber sealing pad. Advantages of Bonded

    130 18-07-21
  • Analysis of influencing factors of rubber aging

    The development of the rubber industry has made rubber materials widely used in construction, automobiles, electronics, aerospace and other fields. But because the material itself is easy to age, restricted its service life, bring inconveni

  • The seal is the umbrella for the internal parts of the machi

    The seal is an umbrella for the internal parts of the machine, which can prevent some magazine dust from entering the interior of the machine and affect the performance of the machine. Sealings are materials or parts that prevent leakage of

  • Performance characteristics of fluorosilicone gel

    FVMQ Fluorosilicone rubber is a polymer with a main chain formed by a siloxy bond and a trifluoroalkyl group on the guillotine chain. Its poly method is similar to that of dimethyl silicate rubber and is manufactured using a cyclic siloxane

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