• Bonded Seals

    The bonded seals are formed by the rubber ring and the metal ring as a whole, and is used to seal the sealing ring which is connected with the flange, and the circular ring include a metal ring and a rubber sealing pad. Advantages of Bonded

    130 18-07-21
  • What kind of seal is qualified?

    Qualified sealing ring requirements: 1. The material is compact and it is not easy to leak the working medium or material. Because the ring itself is designed to prevent leaks. 2. Have good adaptability and stability to the working medium.

  • Several factors affect the life of sealing ring。

    First, sealing ring information and working pressure: The sealing circle data is also very sensitive to the work pressure. There are large differences in the pressure that can be accepted by different types of sealing rings made of differen

  • Sealing performance plays an important role in machine opera

    1. Because materials such as rubber, glass, metal, and alloy corrosion defects are difficult to satisfy the environment where strict temperatures, pressures, and chemical substances coexist, the resulting losses are very alarming. With its

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