• Bonded Seals

    The bonded seals are formed by the rubber ring and the metal ring as a whole, and is used to seal the sealing ring which is connected with the flange, and the circular ring include a metal ring and a rubber sealing pad. Advantages of Bonded

    130 18-07-21
  • The quality of sealing ring can be tested in three ways

    Buy sealing ring, in order to be able to buy high-quality products, prolong the life of the product. When we buy it, we can test its quality. Testing is not a problem, we can start from the following aspects, so you can easily distinguish t

  • What causes the transparent rubber seal ring to yellow?

    When using a transparent rubber ring, we observe that after a period of time, the ring will yellow. So what is the cause of this problem? Lets analyze this problem for you. One of the reasons for the yellowing of the transparent rubber seal

  • Will friction affect the use of O-rings?

    Friction and wear are important factors affecting the damage of O-ring. The degree of wear depends mainly on the amount of friction. When the liquid pressure is small, the size of the O-ring friction depends on its pre-compression. When the

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