PTFE fiber has wide fineness distribution range, fiber strength is 1.37cn /dtex, melting point is about 327 ℃, limiting oxygen index is 95%, friction coefficient is about 0.2, water contact Angle of fiber is about 120°, etc., which makes PTFE mainly used in the following five aspects.
  (1) application in filtering materials
  The bag filter developed by PTFE has excellent temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good oxidation resistance. Therefore, it can be used for high temperature and humidity dust, corrosion resistance gas filtration; With good low friction, smooth surface and easy to clean ash, low running resistance; Good fire resistance, insulation and insulation, long service life. Polytetrafluoroethylene filament is prepared into polytetrafluoroethylene fiber mesh cloth and ion exchange membrane made of composite sulfonate resin by twisting, warp finishing and weaving, which are essential key components of chlor-alkali engineering. PTFE fiber and microporous film also have great potential in water treatment, especially in the treatment of dyeing wastewater mercerizing wastewater and garbage leachate.
  (2) application in aerospace and personal protection
  Space suits generally consist of underwear, ventilation layer, thermal layer, air-tight limit layer, water-cooled clothing, thermal clothing and tear resistant layer. The limiting layer is polyamide fiber, teflon fiber or aramid. The main material of tear resistant layer is synthetic fiber, such as arkevlar, teflon fabric.
  (3) application in architecture
  PTFE woven fabric is used as the base fabric, and PTFE composite film on the surface is used to prepare the building material of membrane structure. It has good light transmittance, can reduce the cost of lighting and air conditioning, good aging resistance, low friction coefficient, and is not easy to accumulate dust on the surface. Therefore, it can be used as roof material for outdoor courts, arenas, gymnasiums, skating rink, swimming pools, large-scale exhibitions and so on.

  (4) application in the field of self-lubrication
  PTFE fiber has a low friction coefficient, and the fabric self-lubricating liner is made by weaving and dipping in phenolic resin, epoxy resin and other resins. In the process of heavy load wear, PTFE transfer film will be formed between the contact surfaces of inner and outer rings of the joint bearing, thus significantly reducing the friction coefficient between the inner and outer rings of the bearing and extending the service life of self-lubricating joint bearing. Sliding bearings with PTFE fiber or fabric have the characteristics of no lubrication, durability and good environmental adaptability, which are widely used in the industrial field of bearing with strong load, no maintenance, small size and light weight. PTFE fiber bearings are used in food processing machinery to greatly ensure food hygiene and eliminate lubricant contamination.


PTFE has occupied every corner of life

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