Rubber and plastic seals, although small, but in the national economic development occupies a very important position, is the national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, transportation and machinery manufacturing and other industries in the basic parts and accessories. In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry has maintained double-digit growth.
  The rapid development of economy has brought the increase of fixed asset investment in the automobile industry and other major downstream industries such as machinery, and the strong domestic market demand has provided a huge market space for the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry. Many multinational companies enter the Chinese market through joint ventures and cooperation, leading to increased competition.
  Happily, the industry will continue to benefit from government attention and support in the future. With the improvement of product technology level of rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry in China, the transfer of world processing and manufacturing industry to China and the role of price lever, China's export of rubber and plastic seal has been improved in recent years, and some products with high technical content have entered the market. This situation to the domestic rubber and plastic seal manufacturers bring great development opportunities.
  Industry research institute of manufacturing rubber and plastic seal team analyzes believed that domestic manufacturers should pay attention to brand awareness, rubber and plastic seal the development of environmental protection consciousness and standardization, strengthen the research and development of independent intellectual property products, promote the common industry technology progress, to carry out the green manufacturing of the concept of scientific development, extended service connotation, the manufacturing industry to enhance competitiveness.


Rubber seal manufacturers should pay attention to brand buil

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