Ningbo Huan Ling Sealing Technology Co., LTD., the product including the O-rings, washer, rubber rings, ED-Ring,rubber ball, Y-rings, v-shaped rings, X-rings and other various non-standard rubber.In addition, our company sales agent: IVAK oil seal, WRD oil seal, PTFE rings, etc.

Our company has the product is made of imported raw materials, quality excellent, the company products have been exported to Europe and the United States, the feedback is good, is a broad seal users trustworthy company.

Business involves the engineering machinery, plastic machinery, hydraulic press, compressor, die-casting machine, ceramic machinery, port machinery, metallurgical machinery, steel, steamboat manufacturing, coal mine machinery, chemical machinery, light industry machinery, mining machinery and machine tools, and other fields and industries.

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  • Show you the performance of dif

    According to the different pressure in the sealing system, the rubber compound with different hardness for O-ring was designed.High hardness rubber compound shou

    122 20-07-28
  • Do you know the material of O-r

    O-ring is one of the most commonly used sealing rings. Due to the different working conditions used, most of the requirements for the sealing ring are different,

    145 20-07-27
  • How many kinds of seals are the

    Construction machinery is inseparable from the oil cylinder, and the oil cylinder is inseparable from the seal.The common seal is the seal ring, also known as th

    60 20-07-27
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